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Welcome to the Crew

The Hunt Redi Crew has grown from a few good buddies talking about our need for better upland gear while chasing roosters in South Dakota to hundreds of the most upland inspired hunters putting our gear through the paces across the country. We felt like the upland community was long overdue for innovative, high quality, and extremely durable gear options that were so readily available in our other pursuits and set out to build gear we wanted to use in the field. After a few years of research, a lot of trial and error, and some key partnerships secured, we took that leap of faith and officially launched Hunt Redi into the uplands at PheasantFest 2020.

After taking that first step, we couldn’t have even imagined what lay ahead and have been overwhelmed by the reception of our community, we're continuing to gain valuable feedback, refine, and build new products to address needs from the field. Along this journey we've met and shared fields with some truly exceptional and inspiring people. We’re humbled to be part of such an encouraging group of bird hunting enthusiasts and passionate folks pushing the limits with our gear. If you’ve struggled to find a solid option that meets the demands of your pursuits in the field, check out our highly configurable, extremely durable, and ultralight gear to further enable your pursuits.

Until our bird dogs cross paths in the uplands, always stay #huntredi!

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