Flush Redi Series

As passionate bird hunters, we understand the unique challenges faced when searching for quality upland gear.  Hunt Redi was founded, by a couple lifelong hunting buddies, after years of chasing birds with products that simply didn't meet our expectations. The Deviate Upland Strap Vest is built on a highly configurable platform to meet the unique needs of each hunter.

Through strategic partnerships, we've leveraged cutting edge technology to build upland gear that's extremely durable, ultralight, and the most versatile on the market. Our gear is REDI to further enable your journey into the uplands, regardless of where that road may lead.

Our mission is to provide Reliable Equipment Driving Inspiration in the uplands regardless of cover, terrain, or pursuit. Deviate from the established course with our innovative upland strap vest solution designed to meet the unique needs of each upland inspired hunter.

~ Proudly sourced and made in the USA ~


Cutting edge platform. Market leading configuration. Made in the USA. 

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