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Our recommendations on sizing are to help ensure you receive gear that will best meet your needs in the field, provide the most comfort, and increase your enjoyment while in the outdoors (and not distract from all those moments we cherish each season).

Ultimately, sizing does remain a bit of personal preference and no single hunter is build exactly alike. If you have ANY questions, please reach out and if you ultimately receive gear that doesn't quite fit, we're committed to making it right.

Waist - belt fitment is key to ensure weight is distributed on your core and reducing stress from the back and shoulders. Our sizing recommendations are targeted to align pouches at your side/below the armpit for easy access to the essentials while allowing mobility at the waist.

  • Sizing:
    • Small Belt (30”-33”)
    • Regular Belt (34”-37”)
    • Large Belt (38”-43")
    • XL Belt (44"+)
  • Additional considerations:
    • Consider not only your traditional pant size but additional clothing, belt, outerwear if hunting in colder weather, etc.
    • Assuming your waist exceeds the minimum recommended size (which is the circumference of the padded section), the belt contains additional webbing that can be extended (up to 60") to accommodate a wide range of sizes.

Torso - appropriate shoulder harness fitment ensures pack stability, proper gun mount, and reduced fatigue after a long day in the field. To determine your torso sizing, please take the following measurements.

  1. Find the top of your hip bone (i.e. iliac crest) - stand straight, feel your lower back right at/below the typical waistline for your "hip bones".
  2. Touch your chin to your chest and feel the back of your lower neck for a large protruding bone, this is your C7 vertebrae.
  3. Measure the distance with a soft/fabric tape measure from your hip bone to your C7 vertebrae.
  4. We recommend 20" and under selecting the Regular size and 21"+ going with the Tall size
  5. Additional considerations:
    • Our sizing recommendations are targeted to ensure comfort, stability, efficient movement, and proper gun mount based on our own experiences and feedback from numerous members of the Hunt Redi Crew. However, no single body is built the same so if you are right on the line and have a deeper chest / torso we recommend going with the Tall.
    • If for any reason you make a sizing decision and aren't satisfied with fitment, we will ensure you get the right size to ensure you're 100% Hunt Redi when you hit the field!

If you have any questions, hit us up via email -

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During the upland season, Deviate & Elevate Series vest orders will ship in approximately 1 week upon order placement due to high demand. Thanks crew!

Stay safe, inspired, and always #huntredi!

Offices Closing for the Holidays!

Heads up! We're shutting down the office for Christmas and the New Year. All orders received after 12:00pm CST Friday the 23rd will ship out the first week in January 2023. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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