Why Hunt Redi?

As a couple of passionate bird hunters, we understand the unique needs upland inspired hunters face in the field. We've spent years working to provide our community with a configurable platform that enables each individual upland journey. Through innovative technologies leveraged from a strategic partnership with FirstSpear, LLC, years of product development abuse in the field, and a passion for the pursuit, we believe you'll find our gear is Reliable Equipment Driving Inspiration (REDI) in the Uplands. Learn more at Hunt Redi YouTube.

  • Configuration is Key - simply put, our platform provides the most configuration of any vest currently on the market through the extreme versatility of FirstSpear's 6/12 attachment system which is leveraged on our belt and game pouch. As a result, you can build out your vest the way you hunt and ensure it meets your personal preferences. Additionally, you'll be able to swap pockets/pouches/accessories across our entire suite of products (i.e. more coming down the pipe).
  • Comfort is Critical - a belt built for comfort with serious padding and a lumbar pad for lower back support provides the foundation for even weight distribution and reduced fatigue. Combined with a yoke designed to stabilize the load while not inhibiting gun placement, you'll be set for long days chasing birds regardless of your pursuit.
  • Ultralight Durability - materials that are literally proven on battlefields around the globe ensure our gear will hold up to any cover and terrain you may encounter in pursuit of your bird dog. Our average configurations weigh in around 3.5 pounds for gear that's as tough as our bird dogs and light as the feathers we carry.

Our gear is sourced and handcrafted in the USA, down to the thread. We are committed to providing quality products, innovative solutions, and a focus on customer service to the upland community. We completely understand there are numerous options, many of which are made offshore, sold in big box stores, and are simply cheaper to purchase. We've tried many of them and were not satisfied with the results, you'll find our products are built with superior materials, have serious thought invested in usability, and are designed with those "little touches" to enable your journey in the field.

We look forward to seeing you in the field, until then, keep following the hunter with the longest nose.

~The Hunt Redi Crew~


How do I determine the right size for me?

Ultimately, sizing does remain a bit of personal preference so we will provide our recommendations and offer additional details to help you make the most best decision to meet your unique needs in the field. Check out the video as well, Jerrod is 6'0" / 215 lbs w/ a 36" waist and is wearing our Regular belt size. 

  • It all starts with the belt, it's the foundation to evenly distribute weight on your core and in turn relieve stress from the back and shoulders. We added ample padding and additional lumbar support for increased comfort. 
  • Our belt sizes are listed in the product specs section. The sizes listed are our recommendations for the minimum waist for reasonable use and comfort in the field. 
  • Assuming your waist exceeds the minimum recommended size (which is the circumference of the padded section), the belt contains additional webbing that can be extended to accommodate a wide range of sizes...this is where personal preference comes into play. Due to the adjustment capability, each belt size will fit a wide range of individuals but only you can determine whether you prefer more padding in the Large belt or less padding in the Regular belt.
  • The shoulder harness provides significant adjustment to fit a wide range of upland inspired hunters.


How do pockets / pouches attach to your vest?

Hunt Redi gear leverages the patented 6/12™ Modular Pocket Technology platform created by FirstSpear®. The key design revolves around laser cut precision attachment points and interlocking "tabs" which secure via military grade hook-and-loop fabric. 

Accessories leveraging the 6/12 pocket technology are attached by pinching (to close the hook material) the tab, pushing through the laser fused cuts, and flattening against the loop fabric on the back. To remove accessories, simply slide a finger between the hook-and-loop material and pull the tab backwards through the laser fused cuts (while leaving the finger in place to ensure it doesn't re-attach). 

Key benefits of the platform include no shifting of attachments, weight reduction vs traditional MOLLE/PALS systems, and extreme durability in the field. The system provides significant configuration capabilities with a "sewn on feel" once accessories are attached. 

Standard MOLLE / PALS accessories are attached via the traditional method due to backwards compatibility of the FirstSpear platform. 

Read more about the technology.


Do you have a military and/or law enforcement discount?

The Hunt Redi Crew is proud to support Active Duty Service Members, Retirees, Veterans, Military Spouses, Military Family Members, Law Enforcement, and First Responders. The Hunt Redi Hero Discount is our small way of saying ~ THANK YOU ~ to all the men and women that have sacrificed so much in the line of duty. 

Get your code and get Hunt Redi


Does the Deviate Upland Vest have a hydration bladder pocket?

The vest does have permanent storage on the rear of the game pouch and it could in theory be leveraged for hydration. However, our recommendation is to consider hydration pocket/pouch attachment options that leverage standard MOLLE / PALS or the options currently provided by FirstSpear.

By leveraging an attached pouch/pocket via the modular platform you can extend the vest to meet your personal needs without sacrificing any load capacity or game pouch access. We strategically chose not to include pockets or sleeves within the game pouch area for a few key reasons - we did not want to hinder game insertion, heat escaping the back isn't compromised, and overall game carrying capacity wasn't lost. 


Should you have additional questions, please shoot us an email - thecrew@huntredi.com 



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