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Who is Hunt Redi?

Hunt Redi launched back in 2017 and remains a very small business (a dude and his bird dogs). At the time, I was tired of the gear choices as a passionate upland hunter. The goal was and remains simple - gear that's tough, ultralight, and highly modular, to further enable the pursuit every season.

My commitments to family, youth, America, brand authenticity, and time in the outdoors will ensure Hunt Redi remains a small business...and that's ok by me. I look forward to crossing paths in wild places, until then, always stay #huntredi

~ Heath Seiner, Founder ~


Why Hunt Redi?

Our focus is reflected in the name, Reliable Equipment Driving Inspiration (REDI) in the Uplands. Our "technical upland packs" launched before it was trendy and were built TOUGH | MODULUAR | ULTRALIGHT from the very beginning. Hunt Redi was founded out of our own personal needs in the field, not some desire to expand into the uplands because it was a good business move. We live this stuff. We also have been committed from the beginning to gear that's 100% sourced and hand sewn in the U.S.A.


What makes Hunt Redi gear different?

Through innovative technologies, top shelf martials, strategic partnerships, miles of abuse in the field, and a passion for the pursuit, you'll find our gear stands up to seasons of abuse.

You can also learn more at Hunt Redi YouTube and let us know if you have any questions along the way.

  • Modular Foundation¬†- simply put, our platform provides the extreme versatility of FirstSpear's 6/12 attachment system which is leveraged on¬†our belt and game pouch. As a result, you can build out¬†your vest the way you hunt and ensure it meets your personal preferences. Additionally, you'll be able to¬†swap pockets/pouches/accessories across our entire suite of products (i.e. more coming down the pipe).
  • Configuration = Comfort¬†- a belt¬†built for comfort¬†with ample padding and¬† lumbar pad for lower back support¬†provides the foundation for even weight distribution and reduced fatigue. Combined with a yoke designed to stabilize the load while not inhibiting gun placement, you'll be set for long days chasing birds regardless of your pursuit.
  • Built Tough¬†- materials that are literally proven on battlefields around the globe ensure our gear will hold up to any cover and terrain you may encounter during your upland pursuits.
  • Ultralight¬†Platform - Our average Deviate configuration weighs in at approximately 3 pounds for gear that's as tough as our¬†bird dogs and¬†light as the feathers we¬†carry.

Our gear is sourced and handcrafted in the USA, down to the thread. We are committed to providing quality products, innovative solutions, and a focus on customer service to the upland community. We completely understand there are numerous options, many of which are made offshore, sold in big box stores, and are simply cheaper to purchase. We've tried many of them and were not satisfied with the results, you'll find our products are built with superior materials, have serious thought invested in usability, and are designed with those "little touches" to enable your journey in the field.


Do you haver gear in stock?

We will have limited quantities available each season. If it's in stock on the website, we have it. If not, we will work to replenish stock but can't always guarantee timelines.

We typically don't have waiting lists or pre-order queues to ensure expectations are clearly set and managed to the best of our abilities.


What are your lead times from order to shipping?

NOTE: Due to high demand during hunting season, vest orders ship in approximately 1 week upon order placement. Bottom line, don't wait until the last minute before a hunt to place an order. I'll try my best to accommodate your situation but I can't guarantee overnight orders, etc.


During the off season, orders are typically batched and shipped weekly via USPS Priority Mail and UPS Ground which equates to a 3-5 business day shipping timeframe

PLEASE NOTE: we are passionate hunters as well and Hunt Redi remains a very small business. As a result, there are periods during the hunting season that we will simply be in the field and lead times may change. If that's the case, we will have a pop up banner on the website providing details regarding the timeframes that should be expected.


How do I determine the right size for me?


To provide the broadest range of sizing and ensure gear for ALL upland inspired hunters, we offer both belt and harness sizing. Below is the summary but please visit our Sizing page for more details.

  • Belt Sizing:
    • Small Belt (30‚ÄĚ-34‚ÄĚ)
    • Regular Belt (34‚ÄĚ-38‚ÄĚ)
    • Large Belt (38‚ÄĚ-44")
    • XL Belt (44"+)
    • NOTE: sizes are our minimum waist recommendations for reasonable use and comfort in the field. Each size belt actually adjust out to approximately 60"¬†to meet the needs of most hunters.¬†
  • Harness Sizing: we provide a Regular & Tall options here, we recommend individuals with a torso measurement of 20" and under selecting the Regular size and 21"+ going with the Tall size

Ultimately, sizing does remain a bit of personal preference so we will provide our recommendations and offer additional details to help you make the most informed decision to meet your unique needs in the field. If you have ANY questions, please reach out and if you receive a vest that doesn't fit, we're committed to making it right.


How do pockets / pouches attach to your vest?

Hunt Redi gear leverages the patented 6/12‚ĄĘ Modular Pocket Technology platform created by FirstSpear¬ģ. The key design revolves around laser cut precision attachment points and¬†interlocking "tabs" which secure via military grade hook-and-loop fabric.¬†

A few tips from the Hunt Redi Crew!

  1. Lay the belt flat on a table, tailgate, or other relatively smooth surface. This will reduce "tension" on the belt and increase accessibility to the laser cut columns.
  2. Velcro and similar materials are made from a "hook" material attaching to a "loop" material. Accessories leveraging the 6/12 pocket technology are most easily attached by pinching (to close the "hook" material) the tab and inserting through the laser fused cuts.
  3. Once inserted, the tab is facing a "loop" material on the inside of the belt system. Simply use your finger to flatten the tab before pressing the loop fabric down on the tab. This secures the tab to the belt and creates an extremely bonded attachment.
  4. To remove accessories, simply slide a finger between the hook-and-loop material and pull the tab backwards through the laser fused cuts (while leaving the finger in place to ensure it doesn't re-attach).

Key benefits of the platform include no shifting of attachments, weight reduction vs traditional MOLLE/PALS systems, and extreme durability in the field. The system provides significant configuration capabilities with a "sewn on feel" once accessories are attached. 

Standard MOLLE / PALS accessories are attached via the traditional method due to backwards compatibility of the FirstSpear platform. 

Read more about the technology.


Do you have a military and/or law enforcement discount?

The Hunt Redi Crew is proud to support Active Duty Service Members, Retirees, Veterans, Military Spouses, Military Family Members, Law Enforcement, and First Responders. The Hunt Redi Hero Discount is our small way of saying ~ THANK YOU ~ to all the men and women that have sacrificed so much in the line of duty. 

Get your code and get Hunt Redi! 


Does the Deviate & Elevate Upland Vest have a hydration bladder pocket?

Given the extreme versatility of our platform, we wanted to provide numerous options to meet your unique personal preferences and needs in the field. There are three primary approaches to hydration bladders on the Deviate Upland Strap vest. 

  1. We mounted two DRings within the game pouch to provide a connection point for clipping in a hydration bladder. This provides a vertical option that sits close to the back for ideal weight distribution.
  2. A mesh pouch exists within the game pouch along the lumbar belt area that allows for a hydration bladder. This approach provides horizontal placement and improved breathability along the back.
  3. Tactical MOLLE style hydration pocket/pouch options can be mounted along the outside of the game pouch. This method doesn't sacrifice game pouch area.


How do I care for my Hunt Redi vest system?

  • Hand wash only with cold water and air dry
  • Avoid the use of bleach, harsh, or excessive detergents
  • Do not put in dryer or expose to extreme heat
  • Fabric WILL fade with prolonged sun and UV ray exposure - we HIGHLY recommend periodic application of a UV protectant safe for all fabric types is recommended


Should you have additional questions, please shoot us an email - 



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During the upland season, Deviate & Elevate Series vest orders will ship in approximately 1 week upon order placement due to high demand. Thanks crew!

Stay safe, inspired, and always #huntredi!

Offices Closing for the Holidays!

Heads up! We're shutting down the office for Christmas and the New Year. All orders received after 12:00pm CST Friday the 23rd will ship out the first week in January 2023. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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