The Crew

Founders, Heath Seiner & Jerrod Stewart 


Thank you for stopping by and checking out Hunt Redi, the dream of two buddies, Heath Seiner and Jerrod Stewart. Since grade school, we've been chasing game throughout the hardwoods, prairies, streams and lakes all over Polk County Missouri and beyond. The excitement that comes from joining your lifelong hunting buddy on a passion project is simply hard to put into words. We're looking forward to what this next adventure holds!

Annual hunting trips were the catalyst to pursue Reliable Equipment Driving Inspiration (REDI) in the uplands as we struggled with the lack of truly innovative gear available to us as passionate upland hunters. After years of research, gaining key partnerships, and a lot of field testing, we launched our line of upland gear at Pheasant Fest 2020 in Minneapolis. We're sincerely thankful just to have the opportunity and support from our families, it simply wouldn't have been possible without them. 

Since our launch, we've been taken back by the outpouring of support from family, friends (new and old), and the upland hunting community. To all our customers...THANK YOU...for believing in us and our gear, we're stoked to be part of your upland journey! While you're here, check out our gear, read our stories, and we'll see you in the field. Until then, keep following the hunter with the longest nose! 

 Heath & Jerrod 


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