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Fuel for the Dream.

Fuel for the Dream.

This past weekend was my sixteenth Father's Day as a dad. As I reflected on my life with two wonderful daughters, I couldn't help but be overwhelmed by the fact that they've been some serious fuel in this Hunt Redi dream.

Ever since they were little, I've encouraged them to set goals and commit to achieving them, chase their dreams or they'll never be caught, AND don't let anyone tell you otherwise...not even me. So when it came time to truly take the plunge, begin to make those personal sacrifices, take serious risks, and truly pursue Hunt Redi, how could I not? I recall a time thinking, I can't be a hypocrite in front of my girls, what kind of example would I be setting for all their future dreams and aspirations.

As I began to really put pencil to paper and consider all the various aspects of what I believe it would take to get Hunt Redi to a viable launch, it was at times a bit overwhelming...the numbers get big, the connections/partnerships that have to be made, the gaps in knowledge that have to be closed, and the risk...on a personal level, that was the most unnerving. I've managed various projects in my career and over time you learn to "manage the unknown" as there is a point of diminishing returns on planning. As a result, building and executing the plan wasn't what caused me to lose sleep at night, it's another type of project with it's own risks, milestones, and deliverables. But never before was I looking at putting my own family at this level of risk; financial investments, all those late nights focused on a dream vs them, more travel away from home, and the potential for failure is high when looking at start up statistics. Looking at my wife and daughters through that lens was a bit scary.

As you really begin to chew on the big picture in this type of venture, I believe you ultimately have to reach a point where you're either committed or not, you can't jump into this type of venture half way...are you in or out? The moment for me was when I answered the following question, am I going to be okay sitting in a chair as an old man talking to my grandkids saying that I should have or could have? It was at that moment I realized, that would be far worse than trying, "failing", and being able to say I gave it a great run.

Shortly after that realization, I remember a night when I began to talk through all of my research and thoughts on the risks, investments, sacrifices, and strategies with my wife. I didn't get very far into the details when she stopped me and simply said, "go for it, I love you". It was an emotional moment for me to know she was already there, fully committed, fully supportive, and a believer in the dream. My commitment to her was that I'm going to be unwavering in this and win, lose, or draw I will simply not be an old man someday saying I should have, could have, or would have...we're going to give this a ride. 

After investing years of research, forming partnerships, product development, and operational planning...this picture means so much to me as it perfectly captured the essence of Hunt Redi. It's a moment with my wife and daughters in full Hunt Redi gear at the official launch back in February at Pheasant Fest. What else could a guy ask for?

We are Hunt Redi. Love you girls!


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