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Elevate Upland Drifter

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Belt Size:
Shoulder Harness Size:

The Elevate Upland Drifter is an ultralight option outfitted to ensure you've got ample storage for long days in the field. The drifter is outfitted with the following:

  • 2 - Deep Velcro Pouches
  • 2 - 32oz water bottles

Given the amount of additional onboard storage capacity, deep shell pouches, and the ability to further expand, the Drifter is a solid foundation for any adventure when you want to park the truck and get lost in the uplands. 

Drifter Specs
  • Elevate Upland Strap Vest
    • Belt:
      • generous padding and lumbar support
      • 6/12 platform for custom customization of pockets/accessories
      • Integrated D-Rings providing multiple attachment points for shoulder strap adjustment (suspender or backpack style) and accessory attachment
    • Game Bag:
      • Adequate game storage for the majority of upland pursuits (14" W x 8" T x 6" D)
      • Zipper pocket on rear of game bag
      • Drawstring pouches for water bottles or additional storage
      • Hydration bladder compatible via D-Rings inside game pouch
  • Drifter Bundle Accessories
    • 2 - Deep Velcro Pouch - (7” H x 3” W x 1.5” D w/ velcro closure)
    • Weight: approx 3 lbs (as configured)
    • Color Options:
        • Blaze Orange (225.5 square inches) / Coyote
    • Platform
      • FirstSpear® 6/12™ Modular Platform Technology attachment system
      • Backward compatible with standard MOLLE/PALS
    • Material: 500 denier Cordura 
    • Designed by the Hunt Redi Crew / Sourced & Handcrafted in the USA by FirstSpear®
    • Note: pictures reflect how the Drifter could be configured, you will be able to customize it according to your unique needs and preferences.
      • Size:
        • Belt Sizes:
          • Small Belt (30”-34”)
          • Regular Belt (34”-38”)
          • Large Belt (38”-44")
          • XL Belt (44"+)
            • (Note: Regular or larger belts provide additional "slots" for further expansion of accessories, attachments, or even permanent water bottle holders.
        • Shoulder Harness Sizing - appropriate shoulder harness fitment ensures pack stability, proper gun mount, and reduced fatigue after a long day in the field. To determine your torso sizing, please take the following measurements.

          1. Find the top of your hip bone (i.e. iliac crest) - stand straight, feel your lower back right at/below the typical waistline for your "hip bones".
          2. Touch your chin to your chest and feel the back of your lower neck for a large protruding bone, this is your C7 vertebrae.
          3. Measure the distance with a soft/fabric tape measure from your hip bone to your C7 vertebrae.
          4. We recommend 20" and under selecting the Regular size and 21"+ going with the Tall size
        • For additional sizing information, visit our Sizing page.
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