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Remember P.D. Eastman’s book GO, DOG. GO! I adored flipping through those pages as a child. Big dogs, little dogs, Eastman captured my imagination. Dogs on boats and under boats! The dogs were snorkeling! Playing baseball! They partied in trees! I’ve never partied in a tree. Is that even a thing!? In the brilliant mind of Eastman he captured a party like none other. I suppose his editor left out the pages of fathers and mothers distraught, sitting on the floor in tears. Perhaps somewhere there is a follow CRY, OWNER, CRY!

Having a puppy is emotional. Grand visions of obedience reign supreme. No one believes they will cry. Reality is a cruel mistress.  She does not care of your perfect ideal, wants, or dreams. Reality looks into your eyes and simples smiles back saying, “Here I am young man, what now?” The man of character stare back into realities cold heart, and say, “Let’s dance.”

In dance it is the man’s job to lead. His dance partner follows the subtle singles from his hands.  The dancers melt into one fluid motion. Think Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. So too must a family with a new puppy. 

We have cried. Choice words only reserved for a sailor have been exchanged. Our children have run to their rooms in tears. Reality is cruel. Then one day after you have given up hope, your little bundle of terror grabs his leash, he walks to the back door and sits. Your eyes widen with awe. The puppy stares back at you. The door opens, he waits. He waits for your signal to come. He obeys. He sniffs around the lush green blades of grass. Success! 

Your future is bright Moses. Go dog, go!


By Erin Woodward


Erin Woodward is a novice bird hunter. He was born and raised in Kansas where he currently resides with his wife and three children. Erin can be found during the fall and winter months venturing across the Great Plains in search of wild game. Summers are reserved for fishing and making homemade ice cream. His works have appeared in: Sage & Braker, Missing Sucks, Hunt Redi, Project Upland and Endless Migration. 


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