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The Fabric.

The Fabric.

As passionate outdoor enthusiasts, we invest countless hours each year preparing for our favorite pursuits. Physical training to prep for the challenges faced in the field, the continuous endeavor of a "finished gun dog", researching various aspects of a future hunt, investing in gear to gain that extra edge, practicing our craft at the range, and so much more.

Your gear should enable the journey, be the glue that helps hold all the other pieces together. As a gear company, we believe your ability to trust in that gear should start with the very fabric that makes up that company...the people. In a world that's shifted towards online sales, social media, and one-click buying access, it's an element that we believe remains more important than ever. 

Hunt Redi is the dream of two lifelong hunting buddies, Heath Seiner and Jerrod Stewart. Jerrod and I grew up chasing game and exploring the woods, prairies, streams, and lakes of Polk County Missouri. We were raised to say, sir and ma'am, please and thank you by parents that valued hard work and taught us the same. Help from a neighbor was humbly given and paid in return at the first opportunity. A handshake and your word should be enough. You should always strive to do the right thing, even when no one was watching...as we learned early on our parents always found out in a small town. We learned the outdoor craft from grandparents and great-grandparents because it was simply their way of life. If these things sound clichéd, we feel they're needed now more than ever. 

Hunt Redi pays tribute to those roots, expands our true passion for the outdoors, and is dedicated to our families that have been unwavering throughout this endeavor...we are forever grateful. Ultimately, we're just a couple good ol' boys, never meanin' no harm...if you know where that line comes from, you grew up in a similar world and share some of the same fabric. 

Thank you for the interest in Hunt Redi, we look forward to seeing you in the field...until then, keep following the hunter with the longest nose. 


Image: both of us taking a break from chasing wild roosters in South Dakota while field testing some early prototype options with my loyal Brittany, Stash.

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