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Ground Zero.

Ground Zero.

One year ago we were feverishly working on a booth, anxiously awaiting a shipment from our manufacturing partner that was coming down to the wire, failing to get the website nailed down for launch, and completely stressed as the reality of what we had gotten ourselves into was rapidly sinking in. We were heading to Pheasant Fest to launch Hunt Redi!

Some years prior, the statement uttered along these lines, "it would be epic to launch a hunting gear company" seemed much easier at that time. As the countdown to Pheasant Forever's Pheasant Fest & Quail Classic, the upland community's keynote trade show each year, the reality of how "epic" it would be was the great unknown. For those that have taken this path in life, you'll understand what it feels like to pour yourself into a dream like Hunt Redi and that feeling that can nearly overtake you when you're about to fully step out into the spotlight.

Looking back, we had no idea where this path would take us, or if it would take us anywhere at all. I just remember reminding myself that I would rather try and fail than to not have tried at all, I simply felt like not even pursuing a dream would be the biggest failure. So as all the vendors gathered in their booths before the doors opened, the roller coaster of emotions were in full swing and Hunt Redi was about to officially launch and bring what we felt was much needed innovation, high quality solutions, and extremely durable gear to the upland community...but would it resonate? 

As we awaited the clock to mark the start of PheasantFest 2020, to our surprise we had other vendors in our booth wanting a sneak peak having been following our teasers on social media and hearing buzz within the community which was pretty cool...and then the floodgates opened.

Over the course of that weekend, our booth was stuffed full of passionate upland hunters, vendors, and various other members of the upland community putting their hands on our gear, getting insights on our journey, and encouraging us to stay the course. We blew through the inventory we brought and started taking pre-orders for the next batch. It was one of the most overwhelming yet humbling moments in my life.

Our gear not only resonated, our story was not only received, but the upland community accepted us with open arms. It certainly made the years of hard work, financial investment, stress, and various sacrifices that led up to that moment worthwhile, it solidified in me a belief that to catch a dream you must pursue it. By definition, pursuit takes action and requires effort, it doesn't necessarily come easy but when it takes off, you'll have achieved something and no one can take that away...dreams are certainly meant to be chased.

From our ground zero, it's been such an amazing journey. We've certainly had our share of bumps and bruises learning so much over the course of a year and have way more to learn. Our country had it's own struggles, the world faced a pandemic, and the dust still hasn't settled...but we're still here! We've met some truly amazing folks, taken some epic adventures, and I've learned this entire endeavor is so much more than gear. I'm very excited about what the future holds...all topics for future posts I suspect.

I simply can't consider the launch and everything that's happened over the past year without saying, thank you to every single Hunt Redi customer who has believed in not only our gear but supported the dream of a couple lifelong hunting buddies. Our families for their unwavering support throughout this entire endeavor as you've had a front row seat to the roller coaster ride which has many ups and downs. And to the entire upland hunting community who accepted us and encouraged us in so many ways.

We'll see ya'll in the field, stay #huntredi.

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