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Why did you pick that name? How did you come up with it? A couple great questions we've received, here is a bit of insight for those curious...

Jerrod and I met in the 4th grade in Mrs Mass' class and we’ve remained extremely close throughout the various stages of life - survived high school, roommates in college and even graduated, worked at the same company after college, and now with families in different states we’re “together” pursuing a passion project. I genuinely believe one of the reasons we’ve remained so close is due to a shared set of guiding principles. When it came time to pick a name, it was no surprise we really wanted to ensure we came up with something that really reflected who we are and those things we hold important. 

As I thought back on all those years of friendship, numerous things came to mind...like how did we survive! But a few constants really stood out...honesty, durability (through good and bad), humility, and dependability. My uncle once told me, “when you get to be my age, you will be able to count those lifelong friends on one hand”...it’s something that’s stuck with me and I’ve pondered over the years. 

Going into this venture, those words rang true and I found myself at a crossroad. That “one hand” friendship was something I wouldn't risk. As we explored the idea further, our friendship was one of the first topics raised...and we both agreed it would never be worth any amount of money or success so it was critical we approached Hunt Redi in a certain way. I believe we are building something that I’m proud to put my name on and consider myself blessed to be working on it with one of my best friends. We appreciate everyone that’s joining us along the way on this remarkable journey, thank you for the support! 

After a lot of back/forth, Reliable Equipment Driving Inspiration (REDI) was eventually nailed down...since we are all about hunting, Hunt Redi was born. During the last few years of product development we’ve sincerely tried to let those underlying principles guide our decisions and build products we are proud to use, recommend to our friends, and provide to the upland community.

We look forward to earning your business and proving to you why we believe our gear is truly Hunt Redi! Until our paths cross in the uplands, keep following the hunter with the longest nose! 


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