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After snapping the sternum strap from my Hunt Redi Deviate Drifter 2.0 bird vest, I grabbed the trekking poles and extended them. I was ready to climb. Or so I thought. Something was missing. Leaning against the Toyota was my 16 gauge 870. I looked at Dennis and immediately noticed he was carrying an actual backpack with a built-in-sling to carry his shotgun…thus keeping his hands free to climb. Colorado Ptarmigan live in some hospitable terrain and the climbing according to our upland sherpa could get dicey.

Seeing my expression of bewilderment, Dan spun me around and stared at my bird vest. He quickly came up with a solution and MacGyvered it to the inside of the game pouch (barrel up). The impromptu setup was quite secure as I climbed up to almost 13K! Dan did the same thing to his son, Easton’s vest, as he was wearing a Hunt Redi Deviate Ambush. Once I got to where I started hunting, I removed the shotgun, fastened the trekking poles to my lashing straps, and away I went. Four ptarmigans returned with us by days ends.

September through October are prime months for many wingshooters as they go in pursuit of prairie and mountain birds. These ardent bird hunters could find themselves in some precarious terrain. Those in search of chukar, ptarmigan, or the elusive snowcock may require their hands to be free to climb and scurry across the landscape. Others may just feel the need to casually walk out with a limit of ruffs or duskys in their vests and opt to not to carry a shotgun all the way back to the truck.

Whatever the reason, it’s good to know that it is possible to go handsfree when you are wearing any HUNT REDI vest. With a little ingenuity, here is how you can too…

NOTES: *Make sure shotgun is unloaded. | Placing shotgun into vest can be done by carrier or with assistance.

  1. Insert the shotgun, barrel first into the rear of the HUNT REDI game bag/vest and through the shoulder straps.
  2. Maneuver the barrel up and in between both shoulder straps and onto the vest’s yoke.
  3. Place the buttstock of the shotgun firmly into either the right or left corner of the gamebag.
  4. The shotgun should be positioned in an angle thus creating tension and keeping the shotgun in place once vest is put on. (I have had up to three roosters and a handful of bobwhite quail without losing any space within the vest.)
  5. To remove the shotgun simply reverse the steps.

Hunt Redi vest users make note that the vest was NOT designed for this purpose originally. However, through some creative and innovative problem solving, the vests can be easily modified thus expanding their capabilities.


Edgar Castillo

Traveling across public lands throughout Kansas and the Midwest hunting open fields, walking tree lines, and bustin' through plum thickets.
Follow my upland adventures @hunt birdz on...Instagram and Facebook
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During the upland season, Deviate & Elevate Series vest orders will ship in approximately 1 week upon order placement due to high demand. Thanks crew!

Stay safe, inspired, and always #huntredi!

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