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Quick Grab Pouch

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A pouch designed for rapid access to ensure a quick reload. 

Overlapping elastic bands keep shells stored while allowing immediate access to shells when feathers start flying, barrels smoking, and birds falling. 

Hunt Redi Crew recommends: shotgun shells (loose and ready to rock n roll)


- Size: 7"T x 6"W x 4"D

- Color: Coyote

- Closure: overlapping elastic bands

- Attachment System: FirstSpear® 6/12™ Modular Pocket Technology 

- Hunter Orange Exposure: N/A

- Material: 500 denier Cordura (all materials sourced in the USA)

- Weight: 2.7 ounces 

- Designed by the Hunt Redi Crew / Sourced & Handcrafted in the USA by FirstSpear®

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